Fundraising and Sponsorship


All major fundraising activities are planned and coordinated by the P&C Association's Fundraising Committee. This committee raises valuable funds for the school and for charity, and provides an opportunity for social gatherings that help strengthen the bond between the school and its community.


Meetings are held every first Friday of the month at 2pm in the staffroom or at other times as advertised in the school newsletter. Parents are welcome to attend regular meetings or to assist with individual events.


Our meetings are attended by the School Principal and provide an opportunity to liaise with school staff and to hear first-hand about school activities.


Here are some of the events the Fundraising Committee has organised in the last 12 months:

·         Spring Fair

·         Spellathon

·         Cake stalls for each grade

·         Mothers' and Fathers' Day Stalls

·         Trivia Night

·         K-2 Athletics Carnival

·         Many parents as individuals have organised smaller fundraisers such as the Entertainment Books


What do we raise funds for?

At the end of each calendar year, a Fundraising Wishlist is created in consultation with the School Executive, the Fundraising Committee and the P&C Association. The Wishlist outlines the major fundraising targets for the following year, and includes the % to be donated to charity.


A vegetable garden, literacy resources, playground equipment and ipads are some of the items donated over the last couple of years thanks to the efforts of the Fundraising Committee.


For more information, to put forward an idea or to volunteer your time, contact the Fundraising Committee through



Freshwater Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank continues to be the school's largest community sponsor. Their logo appears in the weekly Doolooboorah and is displayed in the school's Administration Office.

For many years before they became a community sponsor, Freshwater Community Bank sponsored the Year 6 Maths Award for the end of year Presentation Day Assemblies. The bank now makes a large financial contribution to cover costs of Presentation Day certificates for all students.

Over $13,000 was contributed to the cover the cost of seating in the lower and upper areas of the environmental area with extra tables placed near the canteen.

Freshwater Community Bank has also contributed all funds towards the purchase of an Interactive Whiteboard and a saxophone for the Band Program. We have the use of the Bendigo Bank Tent which is kept at school.

Harbord Public School values the support offered by Freshwater Community Bank.

Please contact the school principal if you wish to become a school sponsor.